Website Style-Ashley

ThreeThousand website is designed,layed out and constructed to adhere to a particular theme/style. The images, positioning, typefaces, colours, content, themes, promotion, advertising and accessability are all dictated by the target audience and the youth culture which drives these websites.



It’s not just websites like ThreeThousand either.

When creating a website for the youth market a particular style can be adopted which is modern, current and what people want to see. Like these….

They feature vintage images, bold typefaces, underground and independent info. The focus on the arts, creativity, uniqueness and what the individuals in put. They are consumer driven so advertising is scarse and well disguised. It underlies the witting posts and rave reviews so that viewers absorb it without feeling as though they’re being sold something.

It’s important to cater to the target and the layout and stylistic choices of ThreeThousand all tie together to sum up elements os youth culture that youth themselves can identify with and feel excited and empowered by these online precenses, ensuring their sucess.

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