Threethousand exploits its concise demographic, its target audience in so many ways is very minimal therefore allowing more precise information that is directly targeted to its audience. I would say its audience ranges from around 18-27, typically the people who browse this site would be looking for out of the norm things to do, something that seems cool and secretive in a way. We all know that those in this ‘counterculture’ always like to feel like they are separated from the norm or the mainstream. However the site still provides useful information like job opportunities and hidden jem restaurants that are not necessarily out of the norm, so in that respect it does broaden its target market. I heard about this site from a friend of mine, this demonstrates how the site is mostly by word of mouth, you definitely wouldn’t just stumble upon this site on general browsing.

The colloquial language on the website makes it more like a friend is telling you about something cool not just some forced article that has an agenda to MAKE people go to something. Its credibility also ads to its appeal, the people that write the articles have been to the places and will most likely have similar tastes to the target audience. It also uses pretty easy navigation (not sure if I mentioned that) although the navigation isn’t standard navigation it is still pretty simple and easy to understand (this coming from someone in the tech savvy world).

It utilises email updates as well, which continually links the audience back to the site and make them feel a connection with it so they will return more frequently. This is also an effective way to market things, like for example I have subscribed and every issue plugs a new cd, it is advertising the cd to generate sales. Also they have more mainstream advertisement like for ACMI……

The target demographic of course being complete music people Threethousand choose they’re advertisement well, it also shows cool films and T.v as well.


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