Online Magazine

When we all first started talking about ThreeThousand we couldn’t help but think it was remnant of this free magazines that keep you updated on gigs and cool things happening

Magazines such as these Beat & Impress, although the information in these guides is very limited it only provides a guide to music gigs an does not have as broad of a variety as ThreeThousand. This trend however is becoming more prevalent as online magazines are growing websites such as Yanko Design is an online magazine for cool new products that people design ( It shows how the technological world is growing so rapidly and also it is a really smart way to give people constant access to new information. It also allows for a broader audience as it would get more traffic going through it than typical magazines that have to be paid for and the free magazines that some people just believe is trash. So it is a smart move for ThreeThousand to create this information in the online platform as it will create more of an audience.


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