Website Functionality

ThreeThousand has good functionality that appeals to its market, its navigation is fairly straight forward but still retains its audience appeal. The ability for responders to get weekly updates retains this constant connection with its main audience, it is located in the top right hand side of the page, so it becomes one of the initial things other than the logo that the onlooker will see.

The website also offers incentives and as us young folk would say ‘FREE STUFF’ which is very appealing to youth culture as nothing is better than receiving something free for doing almost nothing. Things such as this are a good marketing tactic as the audience will wonder what can I try to win this week which will continue to make the audience connection greater and gain further interest and depth into what the website can offer.

It constant structure offers easy usability, even though the youth that is its target audience are so tech savvy that it really doesn’t make a difference. However, for other user audiences that stumble upon the website it still retains an easy to follow functionality. It also has the potential for a broader target audience as it gives quality information about great places to eat (for older generations) and also could be really useful for tourists as it provides the cool things to do around Melbourne that create a more diverse experience and also provide information for more touristy things like ACMI. This website really appeals to a broad audience but still retains that anti-establishemnt feel to it.

It kind of has universal functionality that appeals to a large number of audiences…. ITS GREAT!


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