three thousand and general web marketing.

The ads are of a similar layout to the rest of the website.
It’s giving good ol’ advice, but within the good ol’ advice, there is also good ol’ advertising.
Bright colours, mixed with black and greys, cool looking photos, a lot of work put into the design to make it look appealing and genuinely young, cool and indie.
The written text comes across as relaxed and personal, makes it feel like it’s a real person having a conversation with you, rather than someone trying to tell you what you should buy.
As it is trying to appeal to indie sub-cultures, that are usually quite left-wing, it is trying to play down consumerism/capitalism, although they are clearly trying to make a buck.

General Web Marketing

The Internet offers a type of customised marketing that is an ad-man’s wet dream, it is possible to know who the person looking at your ad is (to a certain extent). This is thanks to Internet communities such as Facebook, myspace, bebo et al. where you, the consumer, enter information about yourself such as gender, age and marital status. People who are listed as engaged will get ads about wedding photographers, married people will get ads about nappies and children’s clothing, young people will get ads about hot chicks and testing computer games and old people (I’m just guessing here) will get ads about Viagra and funeral homes.
People in the advertising industry will always want to try to figure out what is going on inside your head, what you find appealing and what interests you. Online communities offer a small insight which they can base a general stereotype around and use to customise their advertising.


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Audience Relationship

Marketing= “Building a complete customer relationship….Offering value in return for information”

This ties into the importance of understanding target markets and how a ‘relationship’ must be built to make the site interesting and keep a continual relationship. In ThreeThousand this is done through the constant update of information for the audience (to keep it fresh!) and the attention to what the audience would enjoy and like. The service that the site provides as Ashley mentioned is to tell the people what cool things are happening in their town, now a young audience like us isn’t really going to be interesting in like a David Jones sale (stereotyping youth here, some may be interested) because it is that world of adulthood and also institutions which people our age are often trying to rebel against.

The information must be quality information as otherwise the site would no longer exist. I believe that ThreeThousand does this all very well as the second I was told about the site and went on it I was hooked and found myself always go on to see what is happening around Melbourne and I was also sucked in by the persuasive writing and really cool graphics. The site also creates a broader audience appeal through making it Australia wide as seen below:

Each individual site is very similar except for a few touches that make them unique like

These changes make the viewer feel as though the site is more personal to their ‘neighbourhood’. The site also keeps us youngens interested through its easy to use layout (even though our generation is tech savvy it is still nice that its simple and still cool) I will talk more about layout in a later post…….;jsessionid=MhthDQNkBTcJXY8nfX270M9cBNYV72BVkBhlQTTRNg1HF5HydkqZ!-1933696167!-2125728430?docId=5000555754


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The Cool Hunter!!!

I found this website which I felt had a similar appeal with the black contrasted to bright colours and Images of interesting things. This website is more focused on showing the best and coolest things from around the world and has several different categories. It’s all about whats cool which is what generation Y is really attracted to, we are a generation of kids that think they are extremely cool so web designers take this into consideration when preparing these sites.

I feel that it probably only takes about five seconds for a person to judge a website and see if its even worth it and in younger target audience maybe even less, So with that is consideration Threethousand and Cool Hunter achieve this through grabbing the audience with cool images and new material to keep the viewer interested and coming back for more.


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Just a few pics that represent and replicate the style of the threethousand website.

I think they really sum up what i mean by web stylization in relation to this particular example.

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Article: Design Decisions vs. Audience Considerations

by Robin Ragle- Davis, published on May 20 2008

Hey guys check out this article some of it is a little irrelevant but it talks about some things that are relevant to our question such as:

  • Making the website stimulating to the audience while also giving them the content they want.
  • The different target groups- ‘Visitors, Users & Audience’ and the difference between them.
  • Developing relationships with the audience is important in continuing the relationship and keep the audience going back for more.
  • Motivation and Response from the audience


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Target Audiences and The Impact That Has……

Consumer behavior is “The study of individuals, groups, or organizations and the processes they use to select, secure, use, and dispose of products, services, experiences, or ideas to satisfy needs and the impacts that these processes have on the consumer and society.” (

This quote outlines the way that a product or service can impact upon the consumer, a designer needs to consider the aesthetic appeals for the target demographic to generate a successful website. Marketing for these websites will also depend on the individuals viewing it to obtain optimum results.

“Without aesthetic, design is either the humdrum repetition of familiar clichés or a wild scramble for novelty…” Paul Rudd– This website caters to the graffiti street artist as the niche market seen through the graphics and the general style of the website. This example is juxtaposed to a Myer or David Jones website that have a slick style and often a grey scale colour palette that appeal more to an older generation.


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So in response to the above question, team JAH will be looking at online marketing and how is it presented and altered for particular target demographics. We’ve decided to centrally focus the website

In particular i will be focusing on the part of the question which examines the styles used when creating threethousand and other such websites, andn how big a part this stialisation plays in the overall success or failure of an online business.

Now this website is part of a nationwide idea which compiles information a variety of events, shops, arts, books and basically anything you could be interested in thats happening in your city. We’ve chosen to specifically look at threethousand (melbourne post code), but there are pages for other Aust Capital cities.

As a newbee in Victoria this site provides me with info on all the types of events and places that im interested in going to. It is designed and maintained for young,city dwellers who have an interest in the indie or underground scence. It’s a way for young people to find details about lesser advertised happenings in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

The way the site is presented is pivitol to it’s target audience, intended feel and overall sucess. The advertising is subtle and well hidden, and makes the viewer feel as though they are having nothing commercial pushed or frced upon them. The navigation of the site is broken into genre’s and allows users to easily search a particular topic or browse through genres and be presented with a multitude of options for upcoming events or past highlights. It also serves as a great directory for someone new to an area and allows specific searches to your part of town.

The tones and styles of the pictures which dominate the website are essential as they tie together the layout,font and colours which give the site it’s intended fell.

More detail and observation will follow,but for now thats the basic jist of it 🙂


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